Thursday, November 10, 2016

Picture Day: Looking Up

As you may recall from the post "A Field Guide to Architects", one method for spotting an architect is the awkward photography angles and tortured posture to get them.

an architect lying on his back taking a picture of the ceiling
an architect in the wild

A recent AIA campaign entitled "I Look Up" aimed to get others to engage with the built environment as well. Below are a few of my "looking up" photos from places near and far.

Chandelier at The Palmer House, Chicago
Wacky steel connection at The Pritzker Pavillion, Chicago

Staircase, Budapest
Atrium dome mosaic, Budapest
Staircase, Prague
Kostnice Sedlec, outside Prague
Bahai'i Temple, outside Chicago
Petrified roof timbers, Pompeii
Oyster shells on church, Panama City, Panama
Mies corner at Crown Hall, Chicago
What do you see when you look up?

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